How safe are childrens cosmetics?

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Over the past few months the cosmetic industry has been coming under increasing pressure over the chemicals that can be found in our make up and cosmetic products. One report recently released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested 48 baby products including big name products such as Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo  and found trace amounts of  either 1,4-dioxane or Formaldehyde in more than half of those products tested.1,4-dioxane is a known carcinogen and Formaldehyde is listed as a probable carcinogen. Formaldehyde has also been known to trigger skin reactions in both children and adults. A spokeswoman for the campaign for safe cosmetics said “The intention of this report is not to alarm parents but make them aware that products which claim to be pure and gentle can sometimes contain unecessary cacinogens.”  Although government agencies  around the world still consider these levels safe and it must be stressed that all products tested meet or exceed the regulatory requirements in every country. Whilst we can’t totally control everything that touches our bodies we do have a responsibility to keep ourselves informed and with the ever growing trend towards natural and organic products we now have the choice to use more natural cosmetics. Choosing to use natural products does not mean compromising on quality in fact one such brand called Ciao Bella Body offers a great range of babies and childrens bath and body products of superb quality.All Ciao Bella products are carefully designed natural body and skincare products created with only the finest ingredients. They hand select and combine natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals and essential oils for their ultimate ability to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. They use organic ingredients whenever possible and most of the products are certified vegan. They do not use petroleum based parabens, mineral oil or FD & C colours in our products so they are safe for all skin types.  As an introductory offer at  buy a Ciao Bella Childrens Body Lotion and get a FREE Ciao Bella Childrens bubble bath, use code ORGANIC when checking out offer expires 30 June 2009


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One Response to “How safe are childrens cosmetics?”

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The compound 1,4-dioxane is organic. It is dangerous to kidneys, eyes, and lungs. I am in favor of safer ingredients. I read the report cited. It tested J&J Baby Shampoo twice. One result showed NO dioxane, the next showed 1.1 part per Million. Let us hope the natural and organic products also get such testing.

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