The Wonder of Yu Be

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As a make up artist I often get asked what beauty product could I not live without, for a beauty addict like me it is normally impossible for me to narrow it down to just one product! However I have recently started using Yu Be skin cream which was described in Grazia as ” A Japanese alternative to everyone’s favourite Eight Hour Cream”


Yu Be as seen in Grazia

This cream can be used on lips, cracked heels , to prevent windburn the list is endless.It comes in a  2.75oz jar or a tube which is great for popping in your handbag. For me this has become my must have beauty product, apart from its multitude of uses and the fact that it really does work wonders on dry skin it is a snip at £11. For further info click here

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Spring into Summer with Myvanitycase.co.uk

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Spring into summer with our must have essentials of the season


 Here at Myvanitycase.co.uk we have put together our must have beauty buys to keep you looking and feeling your best this summer.

NO1: Ciao Bella Sea Salt Scrub will ensure that you have the skin of an Italian godess this summer!This remarkable combination of dead sea salt, fresh crushed lavender and nutrient rich oil will leave skin smooth and silky.
NO2: Xen Tan dark lotion.This tan has a huge celebrity following Drew Barrymore, Holly Willoughby to name a few.It has olive undertones which means that you won’t develop an orange skin tone!It smell delicious and is streak free.Get 25% OFF all Xen Tan products during May. Use code TAN25 at checkout.
NO3: Joey New York Quick Once Over
perfect for refreshing skin after day in the sun- brings skin back to its morning fresh look.
NO4:Principessa Isolina Perfume Oil Fresh floral and sensual, great fragrance for the summer. Highly addictive! 
 Also at www.myvanitycase.co.uk spend £25 or over and get a FREE Principessa Dolce Dreams body lotion. 

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Get Perfect Pins in time for Summer!

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Winter is finally over and it’s time to ditch those wooly jumpers and thermals!! Dig out your summer dress and flip flops and dare to bare!

Get perfect pins with Xen Tan, it’s natural, instant olive colour gives an even and streak free tan. Unlike other fake tans, Xen Tan leaves a delicate fragrance and also moisturises and hydrates the skin. The rich coconut and walnut oils create an exceptionally long-lasting tan. Perfect for that healthy sun kissed glow.

Each bottle of Xen-Tan, gives an average of 5-6 full face and body applications. Apply a thin coat for a lighter hint of colour or apply two thicker layers to get a deep Mediterranean tan.

Follow our top tips from makeup artist and MyVanityCase founder, Michelle Shaw to achieve the perfect fake tan.

“The most common mistake when using fake tan is lack of preparation. In order for the tan to go on evenly and avoid the patchy look it is necessary to prepare the skin before applying your tan.

“Firstly, you need to exfoliate to remove all the dead skin cells. To do this use a large grain body scrub. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as the knees and elbows.

“Fake Tan is best applied with a tanning mitt as this helps to ensure tan is evenly applied.

“When showering for the first time after applying tan use a shower cream that is not too harsh and do not scrub skin. Applying a body moisturiser every day will help the tan last longer and ensure it will wear off evenly.

“Remember if doing any hair removal, do this at least 24 hours before applying tan is order to ensure that the hair follicle is fully closed over, this will also stop your tan from looking patchy.”

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How to make up with springs bright colours

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Now that summer is on the way it is time to add a splash of colour to your make up. The best way to do this is sweep a dash of brightly coloured eye shadow across your eyelid.  This was seen on the S/S 09 Aquascutum catwalk at London Fashion Week, where reminiscent of the 1980’s a bright blue was swept across the eyelids. When choosing bright colours it is best to consider your skin tone.

There are 2 underlying skin tones cool and warm. Those with peach, ivory and golden brown skin (think Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston) have warm tones and when choosing bright eye colours should opt for oranges, yellows and greens.

If you have pale white, black or brown skin (think Cameron Diaz and Naomi Campbell) you would fall into the cool category and should choose bright shades of pinks, blues or purples.

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How safe are childrens cosmetics?

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Over the past few months the cosmetic industry has been coming under increasing pressure over the chemicals that can be found in our make up and cosmetic products. One report recently released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested 48 baby products including big name products such as Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo  and found trace amounts of  either 1,4-dioxane or Formaldehyde in more than half of those products tested.1,4-dioxane is a known carcinogen and Formaldehyde is listed as a probable carcinogen. Formaldehyde has also been known to trigger skin reactions in both children and adults. A spokeswoman for the campaign for safe cosmetics said “The intention of this report is not to alarm parents but make them aware that products which claim to be pure and gentle can sometimes contain unecessary cacinogens.”  Although government agencies  around the world still consider these levels safe and it must be stressed that all products tested meet or exceed the regulatory requirements in every country. Whilst we can’t totally control everything that touches our bodies we do have a responsibility to keep ourselves informed and with the ever growing trend towards natural and organic products we now have the choice to use more natural cosmetics. Choosing to use natural products does not mean compromising on quality in fact one such brand called Ciao Bella Body offers a great range of babies and childrens bath and body products of superb quality.All Ciao Bella products are carefully designed natural body and skincare products created with only the finest ingredients. They hand select and combine natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals and essential oils for their ultimate ability to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. They use organic ingredients whenever possible and most of the products are certified vegan. They do not use petroleum based parabens, mineral oil or FD & C colours in our products so they are safe for all skin types.  As an introductory offer at www.myvanitycase.co.uk  buy a Ciao Bella Childrens Body Lotion and get a FREE Ciao Bella Childrens bubble bath, use code ORGANIC when checking out offer expires 30 June 2009

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Every woman wants long and full eyelashes and will go to great lengths to achieve this.  The most popular methods of eyelash enhancement are false lashes, extensions and mascara, that is until now.  Now Allergen, the folks behind Botox Cosmetic have come up with a product that is worth batting your eyes at.  Latisse is currently available in the USA through a doctor and users can expect to experience longer, fuller and darker eyelashes in as little as eight weeks, with full results in 16 weeks.  In a world that spends aprox £2billion a year on mascara, Latisse is the biggest thing to hit cosmetic treatments since Botox. Cosmetic plastic surgeons in America are already reporting a large number of calls and requests from clients wanting this treatment.Latisse is easy to use, just dab it along the lash line every evening and in eight weeks time you will have fabulously long lashes. Side effects of Latisse may include itching of the eye or darkening of the skin around the eyelid and the results are not permanant, you will need to keep applying at least three times a week to maintain the long lashes.At around $120 for a two month supply this could prove rather expensive to keep up, so at the minute I will just keep using my Paula Dorf Mascara after all this thickens and lengthens my lashes leaving me with gorgeous flakeproof lashes and at a fraction of the cost it is certainly not to be blinked at.

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best-antiaging-eye-creams1Last night I recieved a  very suprising text message from a bride that I had done a make up trial with earlier that day this text was asking for my secrets to erase  fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area ?As the bride was amazed how fab I looked for my age ( brides words not mine), I must say this made my night considering the bride herself looked absolutely stunning. This is a question I get asked on a regular basis and it is a topic which I am passionate about as I grew up watching  my own mother try every potion and facial imaginable  as she battled against the ageing process.  My mother was a great advocate for prevention is better than cure  and armed with her advice and unbeknown to her , her expensive anti wrinkle creams I began my quest for eternal youth in my teenage years. Over the years I have road tested almost every anti ageing eye cream imaginable and have narrowed it down to two which have worked for me.  The first one is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex this is £32.30 for 15ml .  Secondly is Joey New York Eye Compatibility Duo this retails at around £25 and contains a day cream and night cream to soften the appearance of fine lines. At the minute I am totally into the Joey New York as it is within my budget, BUT  at the minute I am currently trying to source it(it is very hard to come by in the UK) as Myvanitycase.co.uk is totally sold out of it and Joey New York itself has none of it in stock. 

Good make up application can also hide fine lines , and as a make up artist I would recommend applying foundation lightly over these areas and then using a damp sea sponge to clean out these fine lines.  And when it comes to applying the loose powder remember to use it very sparsely over the lines; as powder will only accentuate them.

Regular use of eye cream and correct make up application will definately conceal fine lines, but my quest for eternal youth still goes on and should I ever manage to stumble upon this magic potion Im keeping it all to myself!

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Treat youself to a pamper day

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pamper1cpEvery woman likes to be pampered and there is nothing better than treating yourself to some well deserved me time.  Normally this time of year I would book myself into a day spa and get the works, but with this ‘recession thing’  I need to be careful and not part with my hard earned cash quite so freely.  So as an alternative this year I have decided to create my own relaxing Nirvana at home! I have handpicked a few products from Ciao Bella natural bath and body range.  Ciao Bella is created using the finest ingredients and combines natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals and essential oils for their ultimate ability to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin.

Start with Ciao Bella Sea Salt Scrub, this has a combination of dead sea salt and crushed lavender ensuring that cellular debris is removed whilst rich oils infuse the skin and lock in the moisture, leaving you with the super silky skin of an Italian godess.

Then bathe your skin in Ciao Bella Body Wash, this moisturising wash comes in various  mouthwatering scents such as Sweet Almond or Apricot.  Follow this with Ciao Bella Body Lotion this luxurious lotion will hydrate and rejuvenate your whole body absorbing quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy feel.

No home spa would be complete without a relaxing candle and none better  to creat the ambience than Ciao Bella  Soy Candles, choose from Lavender, Sweet Orange or Almond.

All these products can be bought online at www.myvanitycase.co.uk and orders placed before 8th March 2009 will recieve a FREE Ciao Bella Travel Candle in Almond or Orange.  Just enter SPA in the comment box at checkout to avail of this offer.

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The Lipstick Effect

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It’s official we are in the midst of a recession and cosmetic sales are on the up.  This is what is known as the Lipstick Effect- the theory is that even in tough economic times a woman may not buy shoes, diamonds or even sofa’s, but will treat herself to smaller more affordable luxuries- treats that will have little impact on their purses but a big effect on their morale.


There is also a trading down trend emerging, as consumers are exchanging luxurious expensive department store brands for better value brands.  One online cosmetics store which had spotted this trend is Myvanitycase.co.uk, this cute little cosmetics boutique stocks brands which are virtually unknown on the British High Street.  Owner of myvanitycase.co.uk Michelle Shaw explained, we offer a range of exclusive brands at affordable prices, brands such as Principessa, Joey New York and Ciao Bella , although we only launched a few months ago business is booming and  as consumers are down trending and the lipstick effect takes hold  here at Myvanitycase.co.uk our cutomer list continues to grow, all our orders come beautifully gift wrapped  with free delivery.

www.myvanitycase.co.uk is offering a free Paula Dorf Lippy with all orders over £40, offer ends 20th March, use code LIPPY in the comment box at checkout, this will not show up in your order .

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New York Fashion Week

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Charlotte Ronson New York Fashion Week Feb 2009New York fashion week takes place this week ,and when new fashion trends emerge so do new make up trends.The make up at Charlotte Ronson’s show was created by Mac make up artist Luc Brouchard. The make up looks absolutely stunning and as the make up artist was quoted saying “It’s a little 30’s, a little 40’s, with a little rawness to it”. Skin was matte with sculpted cheek bones and highlighted at the tops of the cheekbones and above the eyebrows. Beige and grey taupe  were blended over the eyelids through the crease and along the lower lash line, this gave a soft concrete shade, this was complimented by neat and well groomed eyebrows.  Lips were dark stained, a look which will add a touch of 1930’s glamour to any occasion.

Here are some  tried and tested products used to get this look:


Coquette and Omega eyeshadows from Mac


Sculpt and Shape foundation from Mac

Invisible Set Powder from Mac, dust over the face to set foundation.

Cheek Cream in Candy Apple from Paula dorf – this is used to sculpt  the cheekbones


Paula Dorf Cheek Cream in Candy Apple – this cheek cream doubles as a lip stain, which is great news  for those on a budget,two products for the price of one!





All of the above products can be found online @ www.myvanitycase.co.uk and www.Maccosmetics.com

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